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App Design Second Year Visual Design

Final Design of my Digital APP, for the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop miniature game. NOTE; all artwork is by RAYMOND SWANLAND and all assets are owned by GAMES WORKSHOP. My app was designed to showcase the miniatures and artwork and create a user interface that is much friendlier to the ones currently available.

Omar qattan 01 main page

Home Screen

Omar qattan 02 army select

Army Choices, all art is by RAYMOND SWANLAND

Omar qattan 03 army select box

Dropdown Box For the army choices

Omar qattan 04 space marines

The view when you pick your army

Omar qattan 05 comb arms det

Combined arms Det. breakdown

Omar qattan 06 hq choices

HQ choices,

Omar qattan 07 captain ranged

Captain Breakdown

Omar qattan 08 captain melee

Looking through the various choices available

Omar qattan 09 captain armour


Omar qattan 10 captain t armour

Note the change to terminator armour.

Omar qattan 11 captain changes

Changes reflected in the character screen, giving a more organic feel to kitting out your army

Omar qattan 12 captain changes box

Drop down box detailing information and any necessary functions

Omar qattan 13 troops

Troops breakdown

Omar qattan 14 tactical breakdown

One of the main features of my APP is to reduce information overload, allow players to see only what is needed, as shown by the breakdown between melee and ranged

Omar qattan 15 tactical breakdown ranged

This concept is taken further by only showing the relevant stats for the unit in question, a player does not need to know how many attacks your unit has in the shooting phase etc.